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all i have is this blog and my virginity

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Body comparisons. 

this makes me feel alive

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do my pets know what it means when i give them sweet kisses?? do they know that  i love them so much. i tell them everyday but do they know

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winter is great because I can always wear huge sweaters and nobody has to know if I’m wearing a bra or not

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levvis: it’s my birthday in 19 minutes lol x

levvis: it’s my birthday in 19 minutes lol x

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14. This space was intentionally left blank
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Girlfriend:babe come over
Boyfriend:I can't I'm at the Grand Canyon.
Girlfriend:but babe I'm off my period.
Boyfriend:I can't leave until I really SEE the Grand Canyon like Garcia Lopez De Carden
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in america we dont say ‘i love you’ we say ‘woof’ which translates to ‘crimson leaves, falling’ and i think thats beautiful

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